Artist Franco-Chilean Christian McManus was born in Santiago, Chile in 1965.

After studying photography in his hometown, at Fotoforum school, he became a freelance photographer. He works primarily with agencies of graphic design and became a specialist in corporate photography, especially in the field of portraiture. He collaborates with the magazine "Capital" in Chile since the first issue until 2003. In 1997 he began his series "Disctricts of the World" which involves traveling around the world during the ten years he spent.
In 2003 he moved to Paris where he lives and works from leading edge of its activity as a portraitist at Harcourt studio and his personal research. He colaborated
at "Marie Claire" (France) and "Cosas" (Chile). From 2004 he began exhibiting in France his series "Disctricts of the World" at festivals and associations photos, Art Fairs, and severals times at Jamault's Gallery. The gallery represents him in Paris since 2006.
McManus has exhibited his work in Chile, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, Portugal and China.
In 2005 he began to develop the series "Evolution," which will be exhibited for the first time in the MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile.

In 2010 the work "Evolution" is labeled the UNESCO under "2010, Year of Rapprochement of Cultures"

Since 2012 McManus lives and works between Paris and Santiago of Chili with the ultimate goal of exchanging experiences in the following areas: work, art and education.